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Emre & Lev Yilmaz
a.k.a. The Soliloquy Brothers

When we work together, my brother Lev Yilmaz and I have sometimes gone under the name "The Soliloquy Brothers" (Lev made up the name quite a while ago.) This is a picture we did for a web interview.

Ingredient X Entertainment My brother Lev's web site, and home of "Tales of Mere Existence." Including downloadable quicktimes of Lev's very funny video work, and stashed away in a corner somewhere, some of our work together.


Articles I've worked on
Animation World Magazine article (2/99)
I helped my boss Brad deGraf with this article for AWN.
Motion Capture and Puppetry (4/97)
An animation sketch for Siggraph '97. This was a draft; the actual presentation was a lot more like the AWN article.
SFBAPG Newsletter article (10/96)
I was asked to write this for the local puppeteers' guild.


Other articles
"Bad Night" writeup (1999)
From the Prix Ars Electronica program book, Cyberarts 99
Max Rodentae in 3D Design (8/98)
Article partly about a character I worked on
One Digital Day (7/97, 5/98)
This was fun...


Puppets & Drawings
Puppet portfolio

puppets Before I got sucked into computer land, I was into making real puppets for plays and video.

2D student work (approx. 1985-1989)

Some of my 2D portfolio from a prior lifetime.

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